Summer of '69
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Andrea over here!
I'm 15 and I live in the Philippines.
Let's burn this place down?
I'm on a Boat and

Ana Beatriz Barros para Malibu Magazine September 2014 por Jason Lee Parry ph.

My friends all lined up on the roof, just minutes before Seattle’s annual firework show.
Why don't you use capital letters?


the kids on tumblr are more receptive to text posts that lack proper capitalization and I am a businessman


complete panic in one screenshot


One day last semester I was on the bus heading to class and I was like ‘fuck class started ten minutes ago I’m going to be late again.

And then I looked down and realized that my professor was in the seat in front of me editing his powerpoints for the class that we were both supposed to be in.



my skin has been lookin sooo good lately the tears are really working